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I’m a long-term oriented investor writing about high quality companies and attractive investment opportunities. I define quality, as a company that generates strong returns on capital, and importantly has the ability to reinvest capital at high incremental returns for a long time. I also focus on companies with strong cultures and excellent management teams who can navigate the eventual challenges every business faces. Most of the companies I invest in and plan to write about are the clear leaders in their respective sectors.

My newsletter will feature my analysis of companies that meet the requirements I am looking for. Occasionally, I will dip down the quality spectrum and write about companies that are “emerging” quality companies such as Ally or turn arounds such as Willis Towers Watson where the expected returns are attractive. For more on my investment philosophy check out this blog post: My Investment Philosophy

Here is an outline of companies I plan to write about (companies in bold have already been written up).

About the Author

I have more than 8 years experience as a buyside analyst across Equities and Fixed Income (both Investment Grade and High Yield). Along the way I became a CFA Charterholder and got an MBA in Finance.

Professionally I have covered a wide range of sectors including: Financials, REIT’s, Energy, Utilities, Transportation, and have spent some time on Retail. However, I am interested in expanding my knowledge base and exploring new sectors to find attractive opportunities. Right now, the Payments sector is occupying much of my time. You can follow me here on Twitter.

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